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Periodically screenshots save as images, monitor your kids activities

As the saying goes, one picture to show it all. Kidcare activity monitor helps parents to monitor your home PC by periodically screenshots, save as images, you define the interval (from seconds to minutes) and store term (from hours to weeks), you can get images record through Email or FTP instantly, and USB, LAN afterward.

It can run in hidden or normal mode. In hidden mode, the main interface is password protected, unhide it need your predefined password. The program interface is very straightforward, the default setting can work normally without any config.

All images can be encrypted and password protected, no one can see one without your password. You define to encrypt images or not, if encrypted, you need to use the Free SwMost Image Encrypt Batch tools to decrypt them, the tool is totally free, you can get it from our website or anywhere internet if available.

Kidcare activity monitor never do any keylogger, for we suppose parents will always respect kids¨ privacy, needn't to know keystrokes and password, one image can show it all. Actually, hidden run keylogger is more like Trojan, will easily blocked by AVs.

Kidcare activity monitor cost very fewer PC¨s CPU/memory thanks to its¨ intermittent work model, hardly has effect on PC¨s performance. All images are minimized, only about 250MB needed for 24H records of 1m screenshot interval. No shot taken in case PC in screen save or power save mode.

The software calls WinZip or WinRAR to compress screenshot images while sending Email or FTP, if both not found in your PC, Kidcare activity monitor will send images directly. We strongly recommend you to encrypt all images for privacy protection.

We hate to spy, but have to sometimes. Kidcare activity monitor was designed to take screenshots but never record any keystroke and clipboard, either password or IE history. While you still get almost all activities.

DO NOT use the software for any violation of law and moral activities.



Q: Why there are two intervals? what's the difference between screenshot and snapshot in the tool?

A: Due to email attachment size limit, it's impossible to send out all local screenshots, we take snapshots for sending, the least interval is 1m, while screenshot's can be 5s.

Q: Since you hide all, how to uninstall it?

A: Unhide it, click [uninstall] on the interface, the SW will be uninstall completely.

Q: Will my AV find and block it?

A: Thanks to no keylogger code in it, almost all AVs consider Kidcare activity monitor as normal SW. While for the first time run, you should add full trust/allow to your AV, test email to add trust/auth if any alarm from AV or OS firewall. to reboot your PC to make sure the SW run normally.

Q: How, if I forgot the hotkeys or password...

A: Please send Email to support@swmost.com to get support.


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